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DBI360 offers you a multitude of effective business solutions that are aimed at streamlining your business purposes and triggering growth. These dynamic solutions cater to varied departments, ensuring complete organizational benefit.


A complete business data portal, NEXUS is aimed at offering you the right data that takes your business to the next level. The first database to bring PEOPLE, PRODUCT, and COMPANY under the same roof, this platform helps across varied departments, including HR, sales & marketing, logistics, finance, and sourcing & documentation.

  • Get 100K company and product data.
  • Unlock the door to global prospects.
  • Explore potentials across varied industries.
  • Ditch all gatekeepers & reach out directly to your prospects with your targeted promotions.
  • Choose from a range of affordable pricing plans & access data without signing up!


A robust business management system, this ERP suite helps manage everyday business activities, such as finance, manufacturing, accounting, procurement, supply chain, and project management.

  • Experience integrated end-to-end business processes across departments.
  • Enjoy a fully consistent user experience.
  • Take advantage of real-time business operations.
  • Save resources with a common database benefiting all departments.


Aster connects vendors and suppliers and helps them manage all regulatory affairs and documentation on one single platform. This, in turn, helps in reducing supply chain risks, having control of data, and triggering business processes.

  • Connect and collaborate instantly with your suppliers/vendors
  • Experience 200% faster sourcing
  • Save time spent in collecting documentation
  • Experience reduced out-of-spec lots
  • Experience enhanced credibility with improved transparency


BuyersFlow is the gateway to cutting-edge B2B email marketing. It is specialized in personalized bulk email solutions, combining dynamic content, and technology-driven segmentation.

Buyersflow empowers you to:

  • Craft personalized email sequences: Create targeted email campaigns that nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers.
  • Schedule automated follow-ups: Never miss a potential sale again! Set up automated follow-ups at strategic points in your sales funnel, ensuring timely communication with every lead.
  • Simplify email management: Manage all your email interactions in one central location. No more sifting through cluttered inboxes – Buyersflow keeps everything organized and accessible.
  • Track email performance: Gain valuable insights into your email campaigns. See what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to constantly optimize your approach for better results.


ConfluxHR is an advanced and intelligent HRMS system that helps manage all human asset processes, from hiring and onboarding to performance tracking and payroll management, at one single place. It ensures employee satisfaction and development, enhancing organizational productivity.

  • Schedule interviews and share results instantly
  • Automate hiring emails
  • Track performance at a glance
  • Get leave requests approved faster
  • Manage employee attendance
  • Create surveys & quizzes effortlessly
  • Manage payroll with ease
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